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    math facts online My children used this program from age 3-10. It provided them with the confidence to excel at math at a very early age. The program simply works!"
1st grade math drills

Mastering Digit by Digit

With timed assignments and a required perfect score on each interactive lesson, we ensure that your children have a complete understanding of a math fact before moving on. This process has been extremely successful and will help your children advance during test-taking at school.

2nd grade addition

Success From The Start

Our programs are built so each child can begin at a comfortable starting point based on their current level. We'll initially set the level but parents and/or teachers can change this starting point to be at the student's current ability. This allows students to start with confidence .

3rd grade subtraction

Automatic & Positive Reinforcement

Did you know students learn faster and better when their intrinsically motivated. TimedMathDrills builds in a unique game page that gets kids excited about doing their math drills and math practice.

4th grade multiplication

Practice, Practice, Practice

Daily assignments nurtures continuous measurable advancement. To learn more about how it works click below.

addition problems

Sample a Math Drill Lesson Free!

Try a free math drill lesson in 6 different levels, includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


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